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The Southwestern Conference broke up in 1996. The eight schools joined other conferences, four of them joining the old Big 8 to create the Big 12. Click on the 'History of the Southwestern Conference' link on this page to learn more about the breakup and the history of the SWC.

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The southwest conference was established in 1914

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Southwest Conference ended in 1996.

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Q: When did the southwest conference start?
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When was Southwest Conference created?

Southwest Conference was created in 1914.

What conference was Texas in before big 12?

Southwest Conference. Arkansas left the Southwest Conference to join the SEC for the 1992 season.

What conference was ut in before the big 12?

the Southwest conference.

When did Texas AM join the Southwest Athletic Conference?

Texas A&M joined the Southwest Conference in 1915 and was a member until it disbanded in 1995.

What year did OU win the Southwest Conference Title?

Oklahoma was a member of the Southwest Conference from 1915-1919. They were champions in 1915 and co-champions in 1918.

How many Southwest conference teams went to the big eight?

Four of the former Southwest Conference teams joined the Big 12: Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor and Texas University.

What conferece was Texas in?

The Southwest Conference ran in Texas from 1914 to 1996.

What city did southwest start in?

Southwest City

How many football conference championships have the Texas longhorns won?

29 2 in the TIAA conference 25 in the Southwest conference and 2 in the Big 12

What is the value of 1972 southwest conference liquor Decanters?

I've seen them for $250. MINT

What is asc the abbreviation for?

1) Australian Sports Commission 2) American Southwest Conference

What state did Southwest Airlines start in?

Southwest started in Texas.