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The new Yankee Stadium's first exhibition game was played on April 3, 2009. The first regular season game was on April 16, 2009.

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Q: When did the second Yankee Stadium first open?
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When did the first Yankee Stadium open?

The first Yankee Stadium opened in 1923.

Does the new Yankee Stadium have a top?

No, Yankee Stadium is open.

When did the new Yankee Stadium open?

The new Yankee Stadium opened for the first time on April 2, 2009.

Is Yankee Stadium a covered dome?

No. Yankee Stadium is not domed, it is an open air stadium.

When did the original Yankee Stadium first open?

The Yankees played their first regular season home game in the original Yankee Stadium on April 18, 1923.

Is the new Yankee Stadium indoors?

No, it is not. The new Yankee Stadium, like the old stadium, has an open roof.

What day did the old Yankee Stadium open?

Opening day at Yankee Stadium was April 18, 1923

What year did the old Yankee Stadium open?

April 18 1923The first game at Yankee Stadium was played on April 18, 1923, Babe Ruth hit the first home run at the Stadium as the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox, 4-1.

What year did the new Yankee Stadium open?

The new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009, the year that New York won its most recent World Series championship.

What is the 3rd oldest stadium in major league baseball now that Yankee Stadium is gone?

Dodger Stadium is. It has been open since 1962.

How many Yankee Stadiums are there?

There are two Yankee Stadiums, but only one is open for the team. On May 13, 2010, the demolition of the original Yankee Stadium was finalized.

What time does Yankee Stadium open?

1 1/2 before scheduled game

What time does Yankee Stadium open on game days?

two hours before the game

What are the Yankee Stadium opening day dates?

It depends on when MLB wants the Yankees to open

Has anyone hit a home run out of Yankee Stadium?

No, not yet, the stadium has only been open for one season. Nor did anyone ever hit a home run out of the old Yankee Stadium, although some came close.

Who was the team that Marianne Moore write about in Baseball and Writing?

The New York Yankees. She later threw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium to open the 1968 season.

When was Miami Dolphins football stadium open?

the Miami dolphins stadium was first open in 1966

When were the two Yankee Stadiums built?

The new Yankee Stadium was built in 2008-2009 and open for the 2009 season. The old Yankee Stadium (the house that Ruth built) was dedicated in 1923. Prior to that, the Yankees (known as the Highlanders then) played at Hilltop Park, in 1913 the Yankees moved to the Polo Grounds (also home to the New York Giants) and played there until Yankee Stadium was built in 1923.

What time did Yankee Stadium open for the ring ceremony on April 13 2010?

Gates opened at 11:00 AM EST.

When are the New York Yankees moving from the Bronx?

The new Yankee Stadium is being built on the site of Macombs Dam Park, which is located in the Bronx and basically across the street from the current Yankee Stadium. The new ballpark is scheduled to open for the 2009 season.

What Yankee pitcher threw his first no hitter the night before his father had open heart surgery?

That was Dwight Gooden's no hitter of the Seattle Mariners on May 14, 1996 at Yankee Stadium. Gooden's father underwent successful heart surgery the next day.

The Houston Texans' Reliant Stadium is the first NFL stadium to have which feature?

The retractable roof was open for the first Super Bowl in Reliant Stadium.

When will the New York Yankees open the new stadium?

The Yankees broke ground for their new stadium August 16, 2006, and it is scheduled to open for the start of the 2009 season. The new Yankee Stadium opened for the first time on April 2, 2009 for the Yankees workout day. The first exhibition game was played on April 3, 2009 and the Yankees regular season opener was on April 16, 2009.

Which New York Yankee player had the most hits in the old Yankee Stadium?

== == 1,274 hits. As of September 16th, 2008. Jeter overtook the record that had been held by Lou Gehrig since 1937 of 1,269 hits, recording his 1,270th hit in the stadium with a single. By the final game on September 21st, he'd amassed 1,274 hits in the stadium. This record cannot be beaten since the record will not carry over to the New Yankee Stadium, due to open in the 2009 season.

What was the first restaurant franchise to open in a sports stadium?

Axler's Grill