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The modern Olympics started in 1896.

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Q: When did the olympics start in 1800s?
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Did the Olympics start in the 1800s?

The Olympics started thousands of years ago, and they were brought back in 1896.

Where will the 1014 Winter Olympics be held?

The Ancient Olympics stopped roughly 2500 years ago and the modern Olympics did not start until the late 1800s. Therefore there were no Olympics in 1014 and thus no location for them. If you meant to ask where the 2014 Winter Olympics would be, that would be Sochi, Russia.

Where did the modern Olympics start?

Where did olympics start?

Where did the Olympics games start?

where did the Olympics start

When do Olympics start?

Olympics start on 1896.

Was the first Olympics in the 1800s?

No but it was a long time ago

How long until the Olympics?

the Olympics start soon the Olympics start soon the Olympics start on the 8/8/08

Who was the first person to start the modern day Olympics?

When did the modern Olympics start When did the modern Olympics start

When do the Winter Olympics Start?

The 2010 winter Olympics start on the 12th of feb.

When did segregation start?


How did Halloween start and why did it start?

Halloween started in the 1800s

What was the biggest firework display ever?

Probably the display at the start of the Beijing Olympics. Probably the display at the start of the Beijing Olympics. Probably the display at the start of the Beijing Olympics.

When did baseball enter the Olympics games?

it was plade in the ealry 1800s at the Olmpics games.

When did Olympics start?

The Olympics Started In 776 BC.

What time do the 2010 Olympics start?

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics start 8:45 p.m.

When is 2012 Olympics start?

The 2012 Olympics will start July 27, 2012 in London, England.

What date does the 2012 Para Olympics start?

The Para Olympics start 29th Aug 2012

What are facts about the 1800s?

The population at the start of the 1800s was 8 million, and at the end it was 40 million

Were did soccer start?

In England, in the 1800s.

When did the coal industry start?

in 1800s

When did Olympics start in London start in 2012?

the London 2012 Olympics started on July 27th 2012.

Where when did the Olympics start?

The Olympics started 776 BC in Greece.

When start the first Olympics?

the first olympics started in 1896

When did the morden Olympics start?

the first mordern olympics was in 1896

When is the Beijing Olympics?

The Olympics start on August 8, 2008.