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The last time the Mets swept the Yankees was a series at Yankee Stadium in '08. Originally from May 16-18, it was played on May 17, 18, and June 27 due to a rainout on the 16th.

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2012-07-01 12:52:37
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Q: When did the mets sweep the Yankees?
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Casey Stengel - (Yankees) 1949-1960 - (Mets) 1962-1965 Yogi Berra - (Yankees) 1964, 1984-1985 - (Mets) 1972-1975 Dallas Green - (Yankees) 1989 - (Mets) 1993-1996 Joe Torre (Yankees) - 1996-2007 - (Mets 1977-1981)

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