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Q: When did the la angels become a team?
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Where did la angels play before la?

They have always been the same team but under different names.. LA Angels California Angels and now Anaheim Angels

What is the LA Angels mascot?

The Anaheim baseball team's mascot is the Angel, thus their name, the Anaheim Angels.

What were the previous names for the American league baseball team the Los Angles Angeles of Anaheim?

The "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" currently play in Anaheim. Before that, they played in Los Angeles as a baseball expansion team starting in 1961.

Which baseball team will Albert pujols play for next year?

LA Angels

What team is Albert Pujols in?

The LA Angels who will not win the 2012 World Series -RM

What pitcher number 34 was killed on the LA Angels baseball team?

nick adenhart

What MLB team does Dane De La Rosa play for?

Dane De La Rosa plays for the Los Angeles Angels.

What team did Joe Maddon play for?

Manages the Tampa Bay Rays and played for the LA Angels

Where did the LA Angels baseball owner get the money to buy the team?

He got it from his mama haha its true though

What does the term La Angels most likely refer to?

The term La Angels is most likely refereed to the baseball team that play in the baseball season all year. They have a great chance at beating all the teams in the season.

What is LA's baseball teams?

LA Angels And LA Dodgers

When did the Angels become the Los Angeles Angels?

They became a team in 1883.