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They have never won it in Basketball.

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Q: When did the gonzaga university basketball program begin?
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When did the University of Illinois basketball program begin?

Men's basketball became a varsity sport at the University of Illinois in the 1905-1906 season.

What city did basketball begin?

the sport basketball began in Springfield, Massachusetts. in 1891.

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what basket ball teams begin with an s

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A tip-off

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when Basketball began

When can official college basketball practice begin?

The NCAA allows limited practice beginning Sept. 10, but the official 1st day when practice can begin in full is October 16.

What are some basketball related words that begin with the letter K?

key (area on the basketball court)

When did basket ball begin?

Basketball was invented in 1891.

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When did BNBL basketball in Boston begin?

bnbl started in 1969

When did Indiana high school basketball begin?

It began in 1596, for the cause that Abraham Lincoln was very into basketball at the time.