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Well, it started off when a ship crashed into the ice and a person died and they chopped his head off and kicked it. that's soccer.

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Q: When did the game of football soccer begin?
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What is a better game soccer of football?

soccer is American for football

What is the British English word for soccer?

soccer = football "a game of soccer" = "a football match"

What year did soccer begin?

"Soccer" is an abbreviation of Association Football, a form of football originally codified by the Football Association when it was formed in 1863..

What the name of that soccer game where your the manager and it cant be finished?

The name of the soccer game was football.

Where did soccer a popular game originate?

Football or Soccer originated in England.

What is vespuccis favorate game?

football and soccer

What is razzleblast?

It is a hybrid game of football and soccer.

What is the national game of BRITAIN?

Football (soccer)

National game of the UK?

Football (soccer).

What is Bulgaria's favorite game?

Football (soccer)

What is the national game of egpty?

football as in soccer

What is the national game of the English?

soccer (football to them)

What is the national game of Bulgaria?

Football (soccer)

What is the national game of Congo?

Football (soccer)

What is national game of Holland?


What game from the UK is football fashioned after?


How do you begin a game of soccer?

Kick Off

Which game is reffered to as the beautiful game?

Football or "soccer" depending on where you are from.

What is the diff between football and soccer?

is noneAnother AnswerGeography.In USA, Football is a different sport from soccer: in most other countries, the game of soccer is called football.

Why do they call soccer football in Europe?

Because the game was invented here, a long time before American "Football". Question really ought to be, why do you call football "soccer". Grrr! ---- Soccer is an English coloquial version of the phrase 'Association Football' .The game is called Football NOT Soccer. The word 'Soccer' was used to describe on particular form of league of football.

Who invented or made the first football for the game of football?

depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football? depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football?

What is a soccer score?

Its the result or number of goals scored after a game of football (soccer).

What led to the start of the game of football?

Soccer in Europe which I love soccer pro at it.

What is the game of Saudi Arabia?

The game of Saudi Arabia is soccer and people in Saudi call soccer football.

How do you play a soccer football?

Soccer, football, basketball and baseball is involved all in one game in Australia called Footy. Very fun game.