When did the first fair start?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: When did the first fair start?
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When did fair-trade start and what was the first product to sell?

fair trade started in Germany and the first thing to sell was Mexican coffe

What does the batter do if he or she hits the ball fair?

Drop the bat, and start running to first base.

When did hull fair first start?

1993 for sure 1898 that's correct

How can you start a conclusion for a science fair project?

You can start a science3 fair conclusion with I CONCLUDE OR MY FINAL CONCLUSION IS

When does the Big Fresno Fair start?

The Big Fresno Fair is typically the first two weeks of October, give or take a few days. It is one of the last Fairs in California

How do you write a fair announcement?

you start by Ladies and Gentleman boys and girls welcome to the.... fair at this fair will be ....... have fun! how is that

When does the fair start?

If your talking about the Fryeburg Fair in Maine its starts sometimes in October.

What was the name of the first fair?

Stefanie Ridel was Ron Fair's first wife.

Why is it important to have a fair test in chemistry?

Fair should definitely not be part of science fair.

Where do you start showing?

You should start in your farm yard. the you should go to your county fair. And if you are very go you could go to your state fair

Which country did fair trade start at?


When does the fair start for 2012?