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right after all the teams were known for round 1 of March Madness

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Q: When did the filling out a march madness bracket start?
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What year did march madness start?

March 1993

Where did March Madness start?

Illinois I think

How many teams start March Madness?


When does March Madness 2012 start?

march 13, 2012 and ends 4/2

When does Final four basketball start?

Final Four basketball starts right after March Madness. The Final Four will start in late March to early April.

When did March Madness first start?

March Madness, which refers to a basketball fever phenomenon, originated in Illinois in the late 1930's. The expression first appeared in the Illinois Interscholastic, the IHSA's magazine, in 1939.

When does march madness start?

The 64 teams were announced Sunday, March 16th. The play-in game is Tuesday and the actual tournament begins the following Thursday, March 20th.

How do you make bracket picks for March Madness?

To create bracket picks, all you need is to choose who you think will win each of the 63 tournament games. For each pick you get right (ie: each team you picked that wins) you get points. As the tournament goes on and teams start to dwindle, the points for each correct pick increases. In tournament pools, usually the person with the most points at the end wins. If you're not sure what teams to pick, you can check out professional bracket picks on sites like ESPN or These sites also offer easy to use bracket grids you can just fill in with your picks. For novices, team rankings also help in the bracket making process.

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