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in 1832

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Q: When did the euro's football start?
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What prizes are available for the Fantasy Football game sponsored by the Daily Telegraph?

The Daily Telegraph offers cash prizes for the winners of Fantasy Football Games. The prizes start at a minimum of 50 Euros for the Twitter League and maximum of 30,000 Euros for the first prize winner.

When did Sweden start using euros?

they have krowns, and they've never had Euros.

Is there a football team in Greece?

yes there is a footballteam in Greece they have won the Euros in 2004

Why did Greece start to use euros instead of drachmas?

because they are very close to European countries . that"s way they are using euros .

Highest paid football player in the world?

Messi- 33 million Euros per year!

How many times have wales won the euros?

Wales have never won the European Football Championships.

20 richest sport persons?

1. Tiger Woods (USA, Golf): 71,5 million euros 2. Phil Mickelson (USA, Golf): 38,0 million euros 3. David Beckham (Eng, Football): 32,4 million euros 4. LeBron James (USA, Basketball): 30,4 million euros 5. Kimi Räikkönen (Fin, Formula 1): 28,7 million euros 6. Emmanuel Pacquiao (Phi, Boxing): 28,7 million euros 7. Lionel Messi (Arg, Football): 28,6 million euros 8. Alex Rodriguez (USA, Baseball): 28,0 million euros 9. Fernando Alonso (Spa, Formula 1): 25,1 million euros 10. Shaquille O'Neill (USA, Basketball): 25,1 million euros 11. Valentino Rossi (Ita, Motorcycle): 25,1 million euros 12. Kevin Garnett (USA, Basketball): 24,9 million euros 13. Yao Ming (Chi, Basketball): 23,7 million euros 14. Lewis Hamilton (Eng, Formula 1): 23,5 million euros 15. Kobe Bryant (USA, Basketball): 22,4 million euros 16. Roger Federer (Swi, Tennis): 21,2 million euros 17. Allen Iverson (USA, Basketball): 20,7 million euros 18. Vijay Singh (Fij, Golf): 20,6 million euros 19. Derek Jeter (USA, Baseball): 20,4 million euros 20. Ronaldinho (Bra, Football): 19,6 million euros

When does college football fall camp start?

when does football fall practice start

What is euros in Spanish?

Euros are euros.

How much is the Prize Money for UEFA Champions league football winner?

The winner is awarded 9 million euros.

What is 20 percent off 3800 Euros?

20 percent off 3800 Euros = Euros 3040= Euros 3800 - (0.20 * Euros 3800) = Euros 3800 - Euros 760 = Euros 3040

What is the average salary for the central European football league?

The average salary for player on a Central European football league is 1.47 million Euros. That works out to be about $2.36 million dollars.

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