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The Dallas Cowboys won back-to-back NFL championship games against the Buffalo Bills. In Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena, California, Dallas dominated 52-17. In Super Bowl XVIII in Atlanta, the Cowboys prevailed 30-13.

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Q: When did the cowboys play the bills in superbowl?
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Who did the Comboys beat twice to win the Super Bowl?

Cowboys have beaten the Bills twice to win Superbowl 27 and Superbowl 28. Superbowl 27 in 1993: Cowboys 52 - Bills 17 Superbowl 28 in 1994: Cowboys 30 - Bills 13

Are the cowboys are going to play?

In what? The Superbowl? No...

Who did the bills play in the Super Bowl games?

In their four Superbowl Appearances the Bills faced the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys twice.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys play in their first superbowl?


When was the last time the Buffalo Bills went to the superbowl?

2004 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Who did the Denver Broncos play in their first Superbowl?

Dallas Cowboys

Did the cowboys make the playoffs in 1993?

Yes,matter a fact they beat the Buffalo Bills in the SuperBowl.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1993?

The Dallas Cowboys won Superbowl XXVII.The Superbowl that took place on January 31 1993 following the 1992 regular season was won by the Dallas Cowboys defeating the Buffalo Bills 52-17. This was Superbowl XXVII.

Have the dallas cowboys ever lost a Super Bowl?

No, they are undefeated in Superbowl play.

What year did the Cowboys defeat the Buffalo Bills 52-17?

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills by a score of 52-17 in SuperBowl XXVII on January 31, 1993. This was Buffalo's third consecutive SuperBowl loss. They added to that streak the following year, again against the Cowboys, to be the only tema to lose 4 consecutive SuperBowls.

Who did Dallas Cowboys play in Super Bowl XXXIII?

No one. The Dallas Cowboys did not play in Superbowl XXXIII. It was the Denver Broncos versus the Atlanta Falcons.

When was the last time the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl?

The Buffalo Bills have never won a Superbowl. They have went to the Superbowl four times: 1990 v. the Giants; 1991 v. the Redskins; 1992 and 1993 v. the Cowboys.

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