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The Olympic Games began in 776 bc as part of a festival to the god Zeus.The emperor Theodosius I legally abolished the games in 393 or 394 A.D.

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Q: When did the ancient olympic games begin and end?
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When did the acient games end and the modern games begin?

The ancient olympic games ended in 393AD on the orders of the emperor Theodosius I. The modern olympics began in the summer of 1896. They were held in Athens.

When did the Olympic games stop?

The Christian emperor Theodosius I ordered an end to the ancient Olympic games in 393.

When did the 2010 Winter Olympic Games begin?

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games began on February 12, 2010 and end February 28, 2010.

When did the Ancient Olympic Games end and why?

Either in AD 393 or AD 435

When will 2016 winter Olympic games be held?

Never. The 2016 Olympic Games are Summer games - the Winter Games will not be until 2018. The 2016 Summer games begin on the 5th of August and end on the 21st.

Where did the ancient games begin and where did they end?

Greece it ended in greece

When do the Olympics games end?

The Closing Ceremonies of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will begin on August 12th.

What would happen at the end of Ancient Greek olympic games?

some one will win

How long is the olympic 2012 games?

They begin on July 27 2012 and end on August 12 2012

Who put the ancient Olympic Games to an end?

Theodosius - a rampant Christian who couldn't stand games celebrating the rival god Zeus.

How do the Olympics ceremonies begin and end?

They begin with a torch relay to light the Olympic cauldron, and they end by putting out the fire in the Olympic cauldron.

What were some of the significant achievements of the Olympic how did they influence the Maya?

There is not a term with Olympic standing on its own. There is the term Olympic Games, which can be abbreviated as the OlympicS. The modern Olympic Games are well known. The original games, were the Ancient Olympic Games, a multi-sport event held in Olympia, Greece between 776 BC and 393 AD. There were not any contacts between the Greeks and the Maya. At that time the existence of America was not even known. America was discovered in the late 15th century, roughly 1,100 years after the end of the ancient Olympic games

How do the Olympics ceremonies begin?

They begin with a torch relay to light the Olympic cauldron and they end by putting out the Olympic cauldron.

What ceremony that marks the end of the olympic games?

The closing ceremony with the extinguishing of the Olympic flame marks the end of that year's games.

When did the ancient olympic games end?

Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 A.D. that all such "pagan cults" be banned.394 CE.

Does the lowering of the Olympic flag signal the end of the Olympic games?


When did the ancient Olympic Game end?

394 CE.

How long will the Olympic torch be lit?

Until the Olympic Games end.

What is the final action signals the end of the Olympic games?

The Closing Ceremony signals the ending of the Olympic Games.

How long do the summer Olympics last?

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China are scheduled to begin on August 8, 2008 and end on August 24, 2008.

Why did the olympic games come to an end?


When does 2012 olympic wrestling begin and end?

Wrestling at the 2012 Summer Olympics was held between 5 and 12 August, the final day of the Games, at ExCeL London.

How do the Olympic games officially end?

Grand Ceremony

When does the London olympic games end?

August 12

Why did the ancient olympic games cease to exist?

A widely accepted view is that ancient Olympics started to take place in 776 BC at the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia, Greece. However, as the Romans gained ground in Greece the Olympics gradually started to lose importance. In 393 AD emperor Theodosius I ordered that all practices of Pagans be ceased and so Olympic games also came to an end.