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It was the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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Q: When did the US boycott the Olympic games?
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How many countries completed the Olympic games in 1986?

there was no Olympic games in 1986. the Olympic games around the time were 1980, Moscow Olympic games (these were boycott by the USA and 60 others because of the soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. the 1984, Los angles Olympic games, boycott by the USSR and communist states, because of the 1980 boycott. also the 1988 Seoul Olympic games and the 1992 Barcelona Olympic games.

Why did the soviet union boycott 1984 olympic games?

the Soviets claimed that there was security reasons for participating, but the obvious answer is that it was in response to the US led boycott in 1980

Why did the US boycott the 1980 summer Olympic Games?

nova net : to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Why did the US boycott 1980 summer Olympic games?

nova net : to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Why did the soviet union boycott the united nations?

Retaliation for the US Olympic boycott, which was because of their invasion of Afghanistan.

Which Olympic games did many nations boycott because of NZ's sporting contacts with South Africa?

It was in the summmer olympic games,1976

Has the US participated in all Olympic games?

No the US boycotted the 1980 summer games in Moscow, President Jimmy Carter choose play politics with the games and not send the US team. The USSR choose to boycott the 1984 games in LA as payback.

Why were the olympic games boycotted?

The 1980 Olympic games in Moscow were boycotted by the US and several other countries because of the Soviet Union's invasion of Afganistan. The 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles were boycotted by the Soviet Union and several other countries basically as payback for the previous boycott.

How did Greece Olympic games influence US Olympic games?

their are no us olympic games its a international thing stupid

What country led the boycott of other countries in 1980 olympic games in moscow?


Which country led a boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow?

The United States of America

When and why did Australia boycott in the Olympic Games?

In 1980, the Fraser Government wanted to boycott the Moscow Olympics to protest against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. However, athletes went anyway but marched under the Olympic flag.

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