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i think it was aroud 2000-1999 not sure but im prety sure that's when they did i just went to one nof there games too :)

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Q: When did the Tronto Maple Leaf gardens close?
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When was Maple Leaf Gardens created?

General Conn Smythe founded the Maple Leafs which were formerly the St. Patricks

What tronto maple leaf player soced 50 goals?

Dave Andreychuk and Rick Vaive have scored 50 goals in a season for the Maple Leafs.

What year was Maple Leaf Gardens opened?


Will the WWE return to maple leaf gardens in Toronto?

Definitely not

What were Other uses for maple leaf gardens?

Wrestling and Icecapades and concerts.

What is the only team undefeated in maple leaf gardens?

The only NHL Team to be undefeated at Maple Leaf Gardens is the Nashville Predators. However, they only played one game in the building as their first season was also the Maple Leafs' last season at that arena. Their only game at Maple Leaf Gardens ended in a tie. (Oct 19, 1998... 2-2 tie in OT)

Who was the last Maple Leafs player to score a goal at Maple Leaf Gardens?

According to this site ( it was Todd Warriner.

What way did the ice surface run in maple leaf gardens?

north south

Where can one find images of maple leaf gardens?

A person can find images of Maple Leaf Gardens in Canada in several different places. Some of these places include Trip Advisor, Yelp, Toronto Life, and National Post.

Who were the first 2 teams to play in the maple leaf gardens?

Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago won 2-1.

Who fought the last fight at Maple Leaf Gardens against Domi?

denny Lambert of the Ottawa senators

What was the first nhl arena to replace the wire fencing with unbreakable glass?

Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto