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When his wife quit sleeping with him.

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Q: When did the Tiger Woods scandal start?
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What is Tiger Woods big scandal?

He was cheating on his wife with up to 18 women.

How many wifes did Tiger Woods have?

Professional golf great Tiger Woods has only been married one time. His ex-wife is Elin Nordegren, and the couple divorced amid scandal in 2010.

When did tiger woods start playing Pro Golf?

Tiger Woods joined the PGA Tour in 1996.

What year did Tiger Woods start on tour?


What is Notorious people that start with t?

Tiger woods

When was Tiger Woods popluarl?

He was basically popular from when he turned pro in 1997 until he crashed his car and the scandal broke in 2009.

How has Tiger Woods become a celebrity?

Tiger initially became a celebrity by being a successful golfer professionally. He also is famous for his cheating scandal with multiple women that was exposed in text messages.

Tiger Woods contract with AT and T?

They paid a lot of money to get their logo on his bag in 2008/2009 but he was dropped once the sex scandal broke.

Tiger Woods and 50cent who is richer?

Tiger Woods.

When was Tiger Woods born?

Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975

When did Tiger Woods start golfing?

8 years old u bum

Who is famous and plays golf?

How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods