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December 30th, 1995.

Eagles 58, Lions 37.

But it really wasn't that close. Eagles led 51-7 at the half in a game the Lions famously guaranteed a win.

Barry Sanders was held to like 40 yards.

Ex-Lion Rodney Peete was the Birds' QB.

My brother and I were at the game, one of the most entertaining ever. A hail Mary touchdown to end the first half.

We met some Lions fans in the parking lot who had driven all the way from Detroit. They were trash-talking how we were gonna lose bad. After the game, their car was not there. My brother put his hands down on the parking lot, like an Indian scout and said, "LONG gone," haha.

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The Eagles and Steelers have never met in the playoffs.

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Q: When did the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers play each other in the playoffs?
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How many times have the Philadelphia Eagles beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh?

The Philadelphia Eagles have beaten the Steelers 20 timesin Pittsburgh.

What are the names of two professional NFL football teams in Pennsylvania?

I would say the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steele's.

Who has won more games in the history of the NFL the Philadelphia Eagles or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

What is the Philadelphia Eagles all-time record in Philadelphia against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Philadelphia Eagles have a record of 27-9-2 against the Steelers in Philadelphia.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers have never faced the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

When was the last time the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Steelers was in Philadelphia on September 21, 2008, by the score of 15-6.

What NFL teams have come from Pennsylvania?

Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers merge with the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Steelers merged with the Eagles in 1943 forming the team Phil-Pitt. They were nicknamed the "Steagles".

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers first make the playoffs?

The first year the Steelers made the playoffs was 1972, the year of the Immaculate Reception. In 1947, the Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles ended up tied for the NFL East lead and had to play a 'playoff' game to determine a winner. The Steelers lost that game 21-0.

What was the last 4 teams in the 2008 NFL playoffs?

2008-2009 Season, Baltimore Ravens (AFC)Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)Arizona Cardinals (NFC)Philadelphia Eagles (NFC)The Steelers won against the Ravens and the Cardinals won against the Eagles.

Which NFL teams play in Pennsylvania?

The Philadelphia Eagles and thr Pittsburgh Steelers

How are the Pittsburgh Steelers better than the Philadelphia Eagles?

Six Super Bowl victories for the Steelers. Zero Super Bowl victories for the Eagles.