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The most recent realignment of NFL divisions was before the 2002 season.

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Q: When did the NFL realign its divisions?
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How many divisions are there in the NFL?

There are eight divisions in the NFL. Four in the AFC and four in the NFC.

How many divisions are in the NFL?

There are eight divisions in the NFL. Four in the AFC and four in the NFC.

Are the Carolina Panthers in the NFC or AFC?

May 22, 2001 NFL owners vote to realign into eight, four-team divisions. In 2002, the Carolina Panthers (NFC WEST) moved to the newly created *NFC South* Where they currently remain.

What are the names of the four divisions make up the NFL?

The four divisions that make up the NFL are the east, north, south, and west.

Why did the NFL realign conferences and divisions in 2002?

In 2002 the NFL realigned the league because of the addition of the Houston Texans. Prior to 2002, there were 31 teams in the NFL. With the addition of the Texans, there were now 32 teams. 16 teams in each conference, 4 teams per division, the NFL split up the league into the new order, trying to preserve as any regional and historical rivalries as possible.

What are the names of all the divisions in the nfl?

There are many divisions in the NFl.The main divisions are the North, South, East and the West.

Why did the ny giants win the 1927 NFL championship but not the NFL east?

there were no divisions

Are there are currently 10 divisions in the NFL?

No, there are eight divisions in the NFL. The NFC North, South, East and West, and the AFC North, South, East and West.

What are the NFL divisions?

East West North South

What was the first Year the NFL has six divisions?

1970, the first year of the AFL-NFL merger. Prior to the merger and starting in 1967, there were six divisions in professional football ... 4 in the NFL and 2 in the AFL.

How many different divisions are there in the NFL?

The 32 teams of the NFL are divided evenly into two conferences, AFC and NFC, and each conference is made up of four divisions, North, East, West and South. Therefore, the NFL is divided into a total of eight divisions, each containing four teams.

What are the four NFL divisions?

East West North South

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