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Q: When did the NBA switch from 10 seconds to 8 seconds for the offense to cross half court?
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How many seconds does the offensive basketball player have to cross mid court?

10 seconds

If you are dribbling the basketball in your side of the court what can cause a back court violation?

I.) The failure to bring the ball from the backcourt into the frontcourt in the allotted 10 seconds. II.) After offense brought the ball to frontcourt, if any player on offense causes the ball to be in their team's possession on the backcourt that is a violation. (once you cross the half court you can't touch that half court line or cross it). If the defense deflects the ball into the backcourt and the offense recovers the ball, it is not a backcourt violation. I could not find any document on this and basically describing it on my experience.

How long do you have to get the basketball out of your half of the court?

In the NCAA you have 10 seconds to cross midcourt and you can not cross back over.

How many seconds in lacrosse does the attacking team have to move into the attack zone after they cross mid court?

10 seconds

How long does a basketball player get to dribble the ball in the back court?

In the NBA the player has 8 seconds to cross the back court. In college it's 10.

How do you use switch to switch cable?

cross cable

Family crisis logic puzzle answer?

# One and two cross, one returns, four seconds. # Four and five cross, two returns, nineteen seconds. # Three and one cross, one returns, twenty-six seconds. # One and two cross, twenty-nine seconds

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What is the duration of The Cross Road?

The duration of The Cross Road is 1320.0 seconds.

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to connect switch to switch used cross over cable........

Eight second rule in basketball?

The Eight seconds rule in basketball means that once a team has acheived position of the ball in it's own half-court it must cross the half-court line within eight seconds or turn-over the ball to the other team.

What kind of cable is needed to connect a switch to a switch?

cross over cable

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What is the ten second rule in basketball?

the ten second rule in basketball is called when the offense (team with the ball) has not yet crossed half court on to the other side within the ten second time limit. The National Basketball Association changed this rule to the "8 second rule", where as the name suggests, an offensive player must cross the ball passed the half court line 8 seconds after gaining possession.

Which cable is used to connect a switch to a server?


What is cross court in tennis?

Cross court is quite literally hitting a ball diagonally across the court. When you hit a ball "cross court", you hit it to the opposite corner with reference to where you are standing. In contrast, hitting a ball "down the line" means hitting the ball straight in front of you.

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Cross court is if you imagine a square and you hit the ball from your bottom right corner to the upper left corner.

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cross cable

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