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They played their first game at the start of the season

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Q: When did the Miami Heat play their first game?
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What state does Miami Heat play in?

The Miami Heat play at the American airlines arena

When does Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls in game 2 in 2011?

In the Miami and Chicago series, Miami won 4-1.

What NBA teamdid gary payton play on in 2006?

The Miami Heat

Who do the Miami Heat play on Monday?

The Miami Heat play different teams depending on which Monday it is.

What arena do Miami Heat play in?

The Heat play their home games at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

What season did rajon rondo play for the Miami Heat?

he neverplayed for miami heat ever

Can you play Miami knights game now?

i want to play a Miami knights game now.can i play ?

What city does Miami Heat play it's games?

In Miami.

Did Jason Kidd play for the Miami Heat?

No, Jason Kidd never played for the Miami Heat

What Nba Team Did Gary Payton Payton Play On In 2006?

Miami Heat

Who was the first Englishman to play for the Celtics?

for the 2010-11 regular season they played the miami heat

Do the Miami Heat play in south beach?

The Miami Heat play in downtown Miami, they do not play in South Beach, which the media constantly and incorrectly refers to. It's like saying the Lakers play in Hollywood, which they don't.