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I'm thinking in 1989, I know the Expos moved to Washington in 2003.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-29 19:40:32
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Q: When did the Jays lose to the Expos?
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Who played opening games for both the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays?

If I understand the question correctly, no one who played in the Expos inaugural game in 1969 played in the Blue Jays inaugural game in 1977.

Which major league player was a member of both the Montreal Expos and the Toronto Blue Jays in their inaugural seasons?

Ron Fairly played OF and 1B for the 1969 Montreal Expos and OF, 1B, and DH for the 1977 Toronto Blue Jays.

Which two major league teams are located outside the US?

Blue Jays and Expos

How many Major League Baseball teams were from Canada?

There once were two, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Montreal Expos, now there is just one, the Blue Jays.

How many Canadian MLB teams have there ever been?

2. The Montreal Expos and the Toronto Blue Jays

Who are the rivals of the Toronto Blue Jays?

The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox. Before they moved to Washington, the Montreal Expos were also a rival of the Blue Jays. The rays are another division rival

What two baseball teams are not in the US?

The Major League Baseball teams not located in the US are; Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos.

Where are the two baseball teams from Canada from?

Montreal and Toronto - the Montreal Expos an the Toronto Blue Jays. However, Montreal is no longer a team.

What are the US baseball teams?

Well most teams in baseball are in the US. The only teams that are not in the US are the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Montreal Expos. The Expos are now in the US though, known now as the Washington Nationals.

Did the Mets get Ted Lilly?

No, the Mets have never gotten Ted Lilly. Lilly has played for the Expos, Yankees, Athletics, Blue Jays, Cubs, and currently the Dodgers.

What is the youngest Major League Baseball team?

do not listen to the blue jays answer or the diamond backs or the rays it's the washington nationals founded in 2004 used to be montreal expos

How many major league baseball teams are based outside of the US?

Two. The Montreal Expos and the Toronto Blue Jays. -----The Montreal Expos relocated to Washington, DC for the 2005 season. As of the start of the 2007 season, Toronto is the only MLB team based outside the US.

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