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Q: When did the Chicago Tribune purchase the Chicago Cubs?
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How much were the Chicago Cubs purchased for by the Chicago Tribune?

According to Tribune purchased the Cubs in 1981 for $21 million.

Where can one find the Cubs logo?

One can find Cubs logo from the following sources: Chicago Cubs website, Chicago Tribune, Sports Logo, Wikipedia, Bleach Nation, Hohokam Stadium, Sport World Chicago, Google Images.

Where can someone find tickets for the Chicago Cubs online?

One can purchase tickets for the Chicago Cubs game from a number of websites. Some websites where one can purchase tickets for the Chicago Cubs game include: the Chicago Cubs official website, Ticket Liquidator, and Go Tickets.

Is the Chicago tribune a real newpaper?

Yes, the Chicago Tribune is a real newspaper.

When was Chicago Tribune created?

Chicago Tribune was created on 1847-06-10.

When was Chicago Tribune Silver Football created?

Chicago Tribune Silver Football was created in 1924.

When did Chicago Tribune Silver Basketball end?

Chicago Tribune Silver Basketball ended in 2007.

When was Chicago Tribune Silver Basketball created?

Chicago Tribune Silver Basketball was created in 1946.

When was the Chicago Tribune first published?

The Chicago Tribune was first published as a broadsheet on January 13, 2009. Then in August of 2011, Chicago Tribune was officially discontinued on the tabloid version.

What year was the Chicago Tribune founded?

The first edition of the Chicago Tribune was published on 10 June 1847.

How much does it cost to subscribe to the Chicago Tribune?

The cost to subscribe to the Chicago Tribune is about $2.75 per week.

Where online would one be able to purchase Chicago Cubs merchandise?

There are many places online where one would be able to purchase Chicago Cubs merchandise. One of the top sellers of their merchandise is SportsWorldChicago.

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