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well, it takes 4 wins in the finals to win the championship. So 6 x 4 is 24.

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The Bulls won the NBA championship in the 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98 seasons.

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1997-1998, 1996-1997, 1995-1996, 1992-1993, 1991-1992, and 1990-1991

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Q: When did the Chicago Bulls win their 6 NBA titles?
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Who are all the players who won 6 NBA titles win the Chicago Bulls?

michael jordan and scottie pippen

How many nba titles did the bulls win?


Who will win the nba finals in 2010-2011?

The Chicago Bulls

Did Miami Heat win in 1998?

They did not win the NBA Championship, the Chicago Bulls did.

Nba team to win 70 games or more in the regular season?

The Chicago Bulls

How many NBA Finals did Michael Jordan win with the Bulls?

Michael Jordan won 6 NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan never lost a finals series. In all the NBA Finals series he played, he received the Finals MVP award.

Who won the 1993 NBA championship?

The Chicago Bulls The 1993 NBA Championships were won by the Chicago Bulls. It was their third straight win, giving Michael Jordan his Third straight title with the Bulls. Jordan retired, and left for Baseball the next year.

In 1996 who won the NBA?

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Seattle Supersonics, 4 games to 2, to win the NBA championship in 1996.

What were the sports facts in 1996?

Dallas Cowboys win the Superbowl Chicago Bulls win the NBA Finals Games of the 25th Olympiad

When did the Chicago Bulls win their last championship?

The Chicago Bulls NBA basketball team won their last championship in 1998. They actually won the championship six time in the 1990s. Full statistics of the games can be found on the Chicago Bulls website.

Where did the Chicago Bulls win there first nba championship?

Easy in the Great Fourom in Inglewood,California.My email

What series did lakers win in the 1991 nba finals?

The Lakers did play in the series, but unfortunaly they lost to the Chicago Bulls that year.