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They joined at the end of the season in 1997 but didn't play until 1998.

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Q: When did the Arizona Diamondbacks join Major League Baseball?
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When did the Arizona Diamondbacks team start?

The Arizona Diamondbacks came into Major League Baseball in 1998.

What year did Arizona Diamondbacks enter MLB?

The Arizona Diamondbacks entered Major League Baseball after the 1997 season.

Which team has the oldest pitching staff in major league baseball?

Arizona diamondbacks

When did the diamondbacks become a major league baseball team?

Arizona's inaugural season was in 1998.

What major league baseball team had the most come from behind wins in 2011?

The Arizona Diamondbacks with 48

Who struck out the most times in the 2008 major league baseball season?

Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks with 204.

Who is Brandon McCarthy?

is a Major League Baseball right- handed starting pitcher who is currently a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Where is the 2011 Major League Baseball ALL-Star game being played?

The Arizona Diamondbacks are hosting the 2011 MLB All Star game.It is scheduled to be held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Does Major League Baseball sign older players?

Randy Johnson was signed to the San Fransisco Giants when he was originally at the Arizona Diamondbacks

Professional Arizona sports teams?

A few of the big ones are: -Arizona Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball) -Arizona Cardinals (National Football League) -Phoenix Suns (National Basketball Association) -Phoenix Coyotes (National Hockey League)

When were there 32 Major League Baseball teams?

When were there 30 MLB teams? That was 1998 when the Tampa Bay Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks joined MLB.

What are Diamond Back famous for?

Diamond Back is also known as the Arizona Diamondbacks and are a Major League baseball team in Pheonix Arizona. They have one World Series Title from 2001

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