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Q: When did the 7 point try start in rugby league?
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WHO SCored last three point try in rugby league?

brett mullins

1st 4 point try in british rugby league in Britain?

Jeff Clare, Wigan

What sport do you get points for a Try?

You get points for a try in the sport of rugby league and rugby union football.

What is the rugby league score?

A try is 4 point, a converison is 2 points and a field goal is 1 point.

What is awarded by the BBC tv for rugby league try of the season?

rugby football

How much is a try worth in rugby?

A touchdown (worth 1 point) is awarded when an attacking player places the ball on the ground, on or over the defending teams scoreline; after a team scores, the play begins again with a tap in the middle of the field by the non scoring team.

Who has scored the most try in rugby league internationals?

Craig Richmond

Who is leading the try scoring for the rugby league this year?

Taniela Tuiaki

How many points worth a try?

touch football is 1 , rugby league is 4 , rugby union is 5

What is a touchdown in rugby?

The term TRY is used in Rugby League and Union this is when a player puts down the ball on the try. A try is worth 4 point in league and 5 points in Union. Touchdown is used in NFL, this is when a player is in the touch-down region of the field, and he can basically walk though it. Extra point is a field goal which is worth one point. This is used in all three games.

How old in juniour rugby league do you have to be to try out for rep team?


Do the losers in rugby league kick off after a try?

Yes, after every try, coversion and field goal.