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Q: When did the 3 point shot count in Ohio high schools?
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What is a 5.2 GPA?

It depends on the scale. Some schools count on a 4 point scale and some count on a 5 point scale. If you take an AP or advanced placement class, you get an extra point. Regardless it is a high grade point.

How many schools fall under the Ohio High School Athletic Association?

There are approximately 820 member high schools and 850 more schools in the 7th-8th grade division of the OHSAA. Most public and private high schools in Ohio belong to the OHSAA.

What schools are closed in Ohio warren county?

Was Morgan high School closed today

Do California high school credits count in high schools in Texas?

as long as you have received 70% or higher yes.

What is the high point for Count Olaf?

To steal the Baudelaire fortune

What are the names of some schools in the Brookfield Ohio area?

Some names of schools in the Brookfield , Ohio area are Brookfield high school which is located at 614 Bedford Road S.E , Brookfield , Ohio . Also there is a Brookfield Middle school and Brookfield Elementary school .

What schools did Shane sparks attend?

I only know one Aiken High school, Cincinnati,Ohio

What is the cut-off point for placement into category A senior high schools in Ghana?

mpraeso senior high

What has the author R M Garrison written?

R. M. Garrison has written: 'Handbook for business teachers in Ohio high schools' -- subject(s): Business education, Ohio, Ohio. Dept. of Education

What high schools in Ohio can you go to to become a surgeon?

you have to go to college to become a surgeon. In high school take all the college prep classes you can

When you transfer high schools do your absences start over?

If you move to an entirely different system, such as to a different country, you might start with new grades. Otherwise, you will probably pick up where you left off. Sometimes schools count the old grades without including them in the grade point average, and sometimes they start with the old grade point average and add to it. In some cases, some of your classes might not have a local equivalent, and the new school doesn't count them at all.

What is the highest point in Hamilton County in Ohio?

The highest point in Hamilton County Ohio is officially in Sycamore Township (community called High Point) go figure. However I think Rumke Mountain in Colerain Township is the highest point now...