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It starts at this date 7/22/11

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Q: When did the 2011 UEFA championship start?
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When was UEFA Women's Championship created?

UEFA Women's Championship was created in 1984.

When was UEFA Futsal Championship created?

UEFA Futsal Championship was created in 1996.

When was UEFA European Football Championship created?

UEFA European Football Championship was created in 1960.

How many goals did lioneol messi scored in uefa championship 2011?

He scored 12 goals in the CL.

When is the UEFA Champions league semi final?

The semifinal will start on 26/4/2011.

When does the 2008 European cup start?

The 2008 UEFA European Championship finals will be played in AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND, and will start on June 7 to June 29 2008.

Who Won The UEFA In Year 2011?

Barcelona won the UEFA 2011 cup

Which country is the current champion of the UEFA European football championship?

As of June 2012, Spain is the UEFA champion.

When does uefa champions league 2011-2012 season start?

It starts September 13 ,2011 and ends May 19,2012

Did Sweden ever win the European championship?

Sweden has never won the UEFA European Football Championship, no.

When does the championship start?

6th august Saturday 2011/2012

Who were the UEFA Champions League runners up in 2011?

The runners up in the 2011 UEFA Champions League were the Manchester United.