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Diving was introduced into the Olympics at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

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That was the 2000 Games in Sydney.

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Great Britan in 1973

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Q: When did synchronized diving become an official Olympic sport?
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What is the history of Synchronized diving?

Synchronized diving began in the 1930's at aquacades and diving shows. In 2000, synchronized diving was adopted as an Olympic sport. Two divers perform identical dives simultaneously.

Which Olympic sports have water in them?

Swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo.

What Olympic sport has a judge?

Gymnastics, Diving, Figure Skating, and Synchronized Swimming.

What are the aquatic events?

The International Olympic Committee defines aquatic events as swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo.

What is the olympic water temperature?

The official water temperature ranges for Olympic-sized pools used for the Olympic games are: Swimming Pools: 25-28 °C Diving pools: Not less than 26 °C Water Polo pools: 25-27 °C Synchronized swimming: 26-28 °C

What year was diving introduced in the olympic games?

Diving was first introduced in the official program of the Summer Olympic Games at the 1904 Games of St. Louis and has been an Olympicsince.

What are the aquatic events held at the commonwealth games?

swimming, synchronized swimming and synchronized diving. :)

Where did Synchronized Diving Originate?

in kansas mizzouri

What water sport starts with S?

Swimming is a water sport. Additional water sports include synchronized platform diving and synchronized springboard diving.

What is the sport name that athletes perform a synchronized routine?

It depends, there are a few. All of them are pretty simple. Synchronized swimming Synchronized skating Synchronized diving

Why do they shower after synchronized diving?

To keep their muscles warm.

How many Olympic diving events?

there are four events for the girls and 6 for the men