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Q: When did sunderland win the championship with 100 plus points?
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How many football teams have reached 100 points?

reading,fulham,sunderland and newcastle.

Salary for referee in NCAA basketball championship?

10000000000000000000000000000000000 plus a 100 dolar tip

Name of the school that scored more than 100 points in NCAA men's championship game?

UNLV scored 103 points against Duke's 73 in the 1990 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

How many miles are between Sunderland SR4 and Bridlington North Yorkshire?

There are about 100 miles between Sunderland SR4 and Bridlington, North Yorkshire.

When was the last time a soccer team got 100 points in the Championship?

wigan athletic got 102 points in 1997 wigan 102 Portsmouth 87 notts Forrest 65

What club has gone 100 plus years without winning a world series championship?

Da Chicago Cubs baseball team

Who won the 1988 Formula One World Championship?

Ayrton Senna driving for McLaren Honda won the formula one drivers championship in 1988. He had a total of 90 points with 8 wins that season. Alain Prost came in 2nd place with 87 points and 7 wins. McLaren Honda swept away the constructors title beating Ferrari by over 100 points.

What is it mean If you get 104 on the IQ test?

It means you have average intelligence. The average is 100 plus or minus 10 points.

Who qualifies for the last four golf tournaments in the tour championship?

For the whole season, players compete on the PGA Tour only for points towards the Fed Ex Cup. The top 125 qualify for the 1st event, points can be won at it, then the new top 100 qualify for the second, points can be won, then the new top 70 qualify for the third event, points can be won, then the top 30 qualify for the Tour Championship, then the Fed Ex Cup is won by the points leader.

What is 100 plus 100 plus 90 plus 90 plus 84 plus 57 plus 85 plus 100 plus 100 plus 90 plus 91 plus 100 plus 70 plus 100 plus 95 plus 83 plus 100 divided by 14?

108 remainder 3 :D

Is an IQ of 129 good for a 32 year old?

Yes, considering that the average is 100 plus or minus about 10 points.

Is an IQ score of 126 good or bad?

It is good and above average. Normal is 100, plus or minus 10 points.