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Since, 1920s or 1930s. It's been popular outside the US for long time.

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Q: When did soccer start to become popular?
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When did sports psychology become popular?

volleyball and soccer

How did soccer become popular in Italy?

it was better than football

When can girls basketball become popular?

They become popular when people start talking about them.

When did soccer become famous?

In the 1880's. The English made it popular

How did sports become so popular in the 1920's?

baseball and soccer.

How do you become a popular girl?

Start dating someone popular then people will start to think of u as popular

When did rock and roll start to become less popular?

And why did it start to become less popular(btw i wrote this question) many thanks:)

Will Beach Soccer Become More Popular than Regular Soccer?

No. In fact neither will become more popular. All sports will die out and ultimately be replaced by the one true sport: Wall-Nut Bowling.

How did women's soccer first originate in the United States?

Women's soccer was popular all over the world before it was in the USA. After many years, it just started to become more popular in college and high school. Although, after college there weren't any oppurtunities for soccer, because it wasn't popular. It again did become popular and now it is in the USA.

Why do people want to become soccer players?

because it is the most popular sport in the world

When did Twitter start to become popular?

In the middle of 2009.

Where is soccer is least popular?

soccer is not popular in any place!!!

How popular is soccer in Wales?

Soccer is very popular in Wales.

When did cell phones start to become popular?

Cell phones started to become popular in the mid- to late 1990s.

Why has soccer become popular in new zealand?

Considering soccer or futbol is the worlds most popular sport i would assume new zealand began to play it and like the rest of the world it just caught on. Like in America football over the years has become extremely popular.

How did soccer become so popular?

Some one named Pele brought it over from South America and it became a popular sport

Can you register to become a soccer club?

You Need To Go At The Start Of The Semester/Term To Go To Any Sports Club includes soccer

How did soccer become so popular in Germany?

soccer has been popular for many, many years, not just in Germany, but everywhere in Europe and Africa, it is only just now catching on in North America.

When did reality television programs become popular?

40's reality tv start and in 90's it become popular.

Is soccer popular in Italy?

Yes, Soccer is popular in Italy and it is popular throughout all of Europe.

Is soccer popular in Ireland?

yes soccer is an extremely popular sport in Ireland

What is the Popular pass in soccer?

the most popular pass in soccer is the push pass.

Where is soccer popular country?

Brazil is where soccer

When did soccer become popular in the United States?

While people began playing soccer in the mid-1800's, it didn't start to rise in popularity until the early 70's. Americans' love of soccer is still on the rise. More people are becoming involved in soccer programs each year and recent soccer matches are drawing record attendance and television viewers.

Why did mia hamm start playing soccer at age 6?

beacause they moved to italy and it was a popular sport