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The french defender Michael Silvestre played only for Manchester United and now plays for Arsenal.

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2009-03-13 13:41:01
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Q: When did silvestre play for man utd Chelsea arsenal and Liverpool?
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Name player to play for any 2 of man united Chelsea Liverpool and arsenal?

Mkael Silvestre fo Man United and Arsenal

What players played for 2 of the big 4?

Nicolas anelka has played for three (arsenal and Liverpool.. Chelsea at the moment) silvestre of arsenal used to play for man utd Ashley cole from arsenal to Chelsea William gallas from Chelsea to arsenal

Did silvestre play for Chelsea?

no he did not,he played for manutd and then for arsenal and is currently wid wereder bremen. 1999-2008Manchester United249(6)2008-2010Arsenal26(3)2010-Werder Bremen26(1)

Players to play for arsenal and Chelsea?


What club did Fernando Torres play for before moving to Chelsea?

Before moving to Chelsea he used to play for Liverpool FC P.S Liverpool suck and Chelsea rule

What English football clubs have played in the champions league?

The teams to play in the champion leave are Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, New Castle, Ipswitch,.

Does nicklas bentner play for Liverpool?

No he plays for Arsenal.

Who did Fernando Torres play before Chelsea?


When do arsenal and Liverpool play?

They play on Sunday night, 16 August 2010.

What was the score of Chelsea v arsenal in the world cup?

Sorry , Arsenal and Chelsea play in the E.P.L.And not in the world cup, countries and not clubs take part.

Which players have played for two of the top four premiership teams?

Silvestre Used to play for Manchester United before and now he play Arsenal.

What teams has Fernando Torres play for?

Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea

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