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Q: When did sheffield Wednesday play sheffield united at wembley?
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What team did Rick Savage play soccer for?

Sav played for Sheffield United even though his favorite team was and still is...Sheffield Wednesday.

Who did jimmy briscoe play football for?

Sheffield Wednesday 1946

Which club did cantona play for before leeds united?

He was at Marseille before coming to England on trial with Sheffield Wednesday. He rejected an extension to his trial and moved to Leeds.

What sport does Sheffield United play?

Sheffield United is a profession football club in England. They are based out of the city of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire. Due to Sheffield high steel production, the team is nicknamed, "The Blades."

What brainstorm?

the monkeys support sheffield Wednesday and its about a cirtain football play, if you listen carefully the lyrics relate to ootball

What football club does derek geary play for now?

Sheffield United

Who did Arsenal play in the 9293 FA Cup final?

Sheffield Wednesday. They beat them 2-1 in extra time in a replay.

Why is sheffield Wednesday called sheffield Wednesday?

The Wednesday, as they were at first called, originated in Sheffield and began life as the Wedensday Cricket Club - Wednesday being the day they met to play cricket, because that was the day that the craftsmen who were members of the club worked for half the day only. They began playing football as a means to keeping fit outside the cricket season and presumably found that they were rather good at it because they began competing in the game as the Wednesday Football Club, eventually changing their name to the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club in 1929.

Are Sheffield Pittsburgh Steelers a high school sports team?

The Sheffield Steelers are an ice hockey club from the United Kingdom. They are members of the Elite Ice Hockey Club, and play their home games at Sheffield Arena located in Sheffield, England.

English football teams who play in blue stripes?

They are wigan Athletic and Blackburn Rovers. West Bromwich Albion, Wigan Athletic Brighton and Hove Albion, Huddersfield Town, Sheffield Wednesday, Colchester United, Hartlepool United are English football teams who play in blue and white stripes. Blackburn Rovers shirt is classed as halves not stripes.

What football clubs did dean saunders play for?

Aston Villa and Liverpool are two sheffield Wednesday is another if i can remember Nottingham forest, galatasary are another 2

Where did England play Serbia?