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Shaq got drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1992. He has been playing in the NBA for 18 years now.

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Q: When did shaquille O'Neil start in the NBA?
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Has Shaquille O'Neal oneil ever won an nba championship?

Yes, four of them.

How much is Shaquille O'Neal oneil weight?


What shoe size does shaquille oneil wears?

Twenty two

What are some NBA players that start with the s?

· Shaquille O'Neal

When did Shaquille O'Neal oneil retire?

He is not retired. he currently plays for the Phoenix Suns

Who wins at the Justin bieber and shaquille oneil dance off?

Justin Bieber :)

At what age did Shaquille O'Neal start playing basketball?

Shaquille O'Neal began his NBA career at the age of 20.

How much is Shaquille oneil life size cut out cardboard worth?

Probally about 300

What is the estimated net worth of shaquel oneil?

Shaquille O'Neal has a net worth of $350 million.

How many points did Shaquille O'Neal score in the NBA?

Shaquille O'Neal has 28,491 points in his NBA career.

How many assists has Shaquille O'neal assisted in his NBA career?

Shaquille O'neal has 2,920 assists in his NBA career.

Who had the biggest shoe size in the nba?

Shaquille O'neal Shaquille O'neal

Why did Shaquille O'Neal oneil want a divorce?

Shaunie was alledgedly stashing cash and property without Shaq's knowledge.

Did Shaquille get into the NBA draft?

no he did not he did not go into nba he played in europe leauge

Is Shaquille O'Neal the oldest player in the NBA?

No ... Shaquille O'Neal is not the the oldest player to play in the NBA, Nat Hickey was at age 46 ...

How many baby mamas does Shaquille O'Neal oneil have?

Shaunie O'Neil is Shaquille's ex wife. Together they have six children. Four of them are together. Shaquille has one stepchild and one other child from a previous relationship.

Who is on the cover of NBA 2k6?

Shaquille Oneal

When was Shaquille O'Neal drafted into the NBA?

Shaquille got drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1992

How many rebounds has shaquille o'neal have?

Shaquille O'neal has 12,566 rebounds in his NBA career.

What year did Shaquille O'Neal enter the NBA?

Shaquille O'Neal was drafted by the Orlando Magic with the first overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft.

What active NBA player has the most wins in NBA history?

Shaquille O'neall

How many finals has Shaquille O'Neal been in?

how many nba finals has shaquille o'neal been in

How lond has Shaquille O'Neal played in the nba?

Shaquille O'Neal has played for 18 years "lond."

Is NBA players Shaquille and Jermaine O'neal related?


Who was the MVP of the 2000 NBA championship?

Shaquille Oneal