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Ruffian did not run in the Triple Crown.

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Q: When did ruffian win the filly triple crown?
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Who was the first filly to win the triple crown?

There is a filly that won the Triple Crown but it is the Filly Triple Crown also known as the Triple Tiara. The horse name is Ruffian. This horse is the first filly to win the Triple Crown.

Did Ruffian the Racehorse win the Triple Crown or Triple Tiara?

Ruffian won the Triple Tiara in 1975, then called the Filly Triple Crown. She was undefeated in her first 10 races.

When Did Ormonde win the Triple Crown?

Not the US Triple Crown. But he did win the UK Triple Crown.

What year did seabiscuit win the triple crown?

Seabiscuit didn't win the Triple Crown

Did northern dancer win triple crown?

No, Northern Dancer didn't win the Triple Crown.

Who was the largest horse to win the Triple Crown?

Secretariat was the largest horse to win the Triple Crown.

What was the name of the only filly to win the triple crown?

There are many many horse race series worldwide called the Triple Crown. Multiple fillies have won some of them. Please ask again and specify the race series you refer to (including the full formal title of that series or the country it is based in).

Did secretariat win a triple crown?

Yes, he won the 1973 triple crown

Did Seattle Slew win the Triple Crown?

Yes, he was the 10th Triple Crown winner

Did Alysheba win the triple crown?

No the last triple crown winner was Affirmed 1978

Who was the first woman to win the triple crown?

No woman has won the Triple Crown as a jockey.

Did Secretariat win the Triple Crown in 1973?

Secretariat became the first horse in 25 years to win the Triple Crown in 1973.

Did seabcuit win the triple crown?

No, Seabiscuit never raced in any of the Triple crown races.

What time did Secretariat win the Triple Crown?

The great Secretariat won the Triple Crown in the year 1973.

Did Ruffian the Racehorse win the Triple Tiara or Triple Crown?

Yes, Ruffian won the Triple Tiara. The Triple Tiara consists of the Mother Goose Stakes (which will be run June 27 this year), the Coaching Club American Oaks (July 25), and the Alabama Stakes (August 22), although the Alabama replaced the Acorn Stakes in 2003. Unlike the Triple Crown, where all three races are run at different tracks, the first two races are run at Belmont Park, with the Alabama Stakes being run at Saratoga. And will whoever keeps editing this to delete this information give it up already? Just because you don't want it to be right doesn't make it less right. I'm studying horses professionally, and I've been a fan of racing (and Ruffian) since I was nine years old. Go read any of the books on Ruffian if you don't believe there's a Triple Tiara. "Ruffian: Burning From The Start" is a great one, as is the Thoroughbred Legends book. Both mention the Triple Tiara.

Who was the first horse to win the triple crown?

Sir Barton was the FIRST horse ever to win the Triple Crown, at the 1919 Preakness Stakes.

How many times did dale Murphy win triple crown?

Dale Murphy never won the Triple Crown.

Did man o'war ever win the triple crown?

Nope, Man O' War didn't won the triple crown

How many times did Hank Aaron win the Triple Crown?

Hank Aaron never won the Triple Crown Award.

What year did seattle slew win in triple crown?

1977. When he died in 2002 he was the last living Triple Crown winner.

When did Sandy Koufax win the triple crown?

Won the Triple Crown of Baseball three times, 1963, 1965, 1966

Did the horse seabiscuit win the triple crown twice?

He did win - twice

When did affirm win the triple crown?


When did citation win the triple crown?

In 1948

When did secrateriat win the triple crown?