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Q: When did rhythmic gymnastics became an olympic sports?
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Which two olympic sports are only contested by women?

Rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

How many olympic gymnastic sports are there?

Four: men's artistic gymnastics, women's artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics.

What are four Olympic sports?

Summer Olympics: Swimming, Boxing, Volleyball, Gymnastics (Artistic and Rhythmic) Winter Olympics: Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Luge, Ski Jumping

What are the different programs of gymnastics?

there are many different types of gymnastic programs # Womens artistic gymnastics # Mens artistic gymnastics # Rhythmic gymnastics # sports acrobatics # sport aerobics # trampoline sports # generl gymnastics and sometimes cheerleading is considered a gymnastics sport

What is the main sport in Russia?

Rhythmic gymnastics is considered one of the most popular sports in Russia.

What is group gymnastics?

group gymnastics is when you are on a team commpetting other teams

How many olympic sports does israel participate in?

At the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, athletes from Israel competed in 12 sports ... athletics, canoeing, fencing, gymnastics, judo, rhythmic gymnastics, sailing, shooting, swimming, synchronized swimming, taekwondo, and tennis. At the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, athletes from Israel competed in 2 sports ... alpine skiing and figure skating.

What Olympic sports did the Chinese compete in?

Gymnastics Rowing And lots more

What olympic sports do the people in Ukraine play?

Running, Longjump & gymnastics

What are 2 Olympic sports starting with g?

Two sports that start with a g are Golf and Gymnastics.

Which Olympic sports were held on the UCLA campus during the 1984?

Gymnastics & Tennis

What are the kind of gymnastics?

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics are the most well known. Artistic gymnastics is what it's shown on television and is most popular. Both men and women do artistic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is done by women and have events such as the ribbon and clubs. There's also sports acrobatics which involves tumbling and doing stunts with other gymnastics. Trampoline and tumbling are two other, less popular forms of gymnastics.