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he started in 2001

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Q: When did ray reddington jr start the Iditarod?
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How long is the jr iditarod?

The jr Iditarod is about 154 miles long.

How ol do you have to be to join iditarod jr?

You have to be 14 years old to join the Jr. Iditarod.

Where is the JR Iditarod race?

alaska, its just at a different time than the reg. iditarod

Do they win a trophy in the Iditarod?

in the Jr. Iditarod Race there is a trophy so i guess there is one.

Where does the Jr Iditarod start and end?

it starts in anchorage and ends in Nome. Alaska

What is the age to join the sled dog race?

in the iditarod you have to be 18 years old but there is a Jr. iditarod for 14-17 i do belive.

How old is Michael Williams jr of the iditarod?

29 years old

When did the jr Iditarod race begin in 1995?

February 25-26,1995

How does the Jr. Iditarod protect the racers and the dog teams?

The Jr. Iditarod protects racers and dog teams by making it just right for young competetors. They do not make it to difficult for them.

From the story the jr. iditarod race. What did dusty realize when he got on the ice?

Out of control

How does the Jr Iditarod protect the races and the dog teams?

bla bla bla

Who won the 2004 Jr Iditarod race?

Rick Swenson won and tiffany B