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F.I.F.A introduced this law in the year 1988 , for the Euro Cup, they had to have both the players name as well as the number on the back of the jersey.

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Q: When did players first have their names on their shirts in a fa cup final?
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This is a difficult to repond questions. The numbering of players shirts has seen huge changes in the past 20 years. On 25th August 1928, 2 UK teams (both located around London, England) Chelsea & Arsenal both used shirts numbered consecutively for the first time In 1939 the numbering of players shirts was introduced by the Football League Management Committee, since then system changed as did formations and eventually it was difficult to associate a number with a position, although number 1 has always been the goalkeeper. The number 2 was used "normally" to define a defender (full back). However, in the 1954 World Cup FIFA required teams to use a squad numbering system. This basically ment that every player in a squad was allocated a number 1 to X. That number stayed with the player throughout the competition. This was because FIFA could monitor who was actually playing, who collected "bookings" (later to classed as yellow cards) and those who have been sent off and should not play any further part in competion. It als solved the issue of recording players names when booked or sent off as many did not speak a common language. In the UK League Cup final of 18 April 1993 we saw the first player names on the back of shirts. Then from 1993-94 Premiership squad names and numbers were used. Shirts carrying player names as well as allocated squad numbers were first used in World Cup final tournament play at the 1994 tournament in the U.S.A.

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