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There is no actual proof that this occurred at all. Many say that his running from Marathon to Athens was only partly based in truth.

But if it did occur at all it would have been in the same year as The Battle of Marathon, which occurred in 490 BC.

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It was before the battle - he was sent to summon the Spartans to join in. They arrived too late, as the Athenians were forced to engage the Persians before they arrived.

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Q: When did pheidippides invent the marathon?
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Who ran the original Marathon?

Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens.

Which person ran the first marathon?


The marathon is said to be based on the distance Pheidippides a Greek soldier ran from the city of Marathon to what other Greek city?

Pheidippides ran 150 miles from Marathon to Sparta, then another 22 miles to Athens.

What modern event was names after the journey made by the messenger Pheidippides?


What was tragic about the event that created the marathon?

After winning a war against the Persians on the battlefield of Marathon, Pheidippides a messenger ran all the way to Athens to announce their win. When he got there he said the word Nenikékamen, which means We Have Won and then died from exhaustion. From Marathon to Athens is 26.2 miles and Pheidippides ran that and that is why they call it a marathon.

Who is the athenian runner who spread the news of the victory over the Persians at marathon?


When the first marathon was run?

The modern Athens Marathon commemorates the run of the soldier Pheidippides from a battlefield at the site of the town of Marathon, Greece, to Athens in 490 B.C., bringing news of a Greek victory over the Persians. Legend has it that Pheidippides delivered the momentous message "Niki!" ("victory"), then collapsed and died, thereby setting a precedent for dramatic conclusions to the marathon.

What did pheidippides do?

Pheidippides is a character in a traditional Greek story who ran from Athens to Sparta to request help to battle the Persians. Afterward, he ran from Marathon to Athens to announce Greece's victory.

How did pheidippides die?

Pheidippides was sent to run from Marathon to Athens in under 36 hours to announce that there had been a victory against the Persians. He died when arriving to Athens after delivering the message.

What battle site was the start Pheidippides historic 25-mile run to Athens?

The battle of Marathon, Greece.

Who was the athenian runner who spread the news of the victory of the Persians an Marathon?

It was 18,000 Athenian warriors who ran back after their successful battle at Marathon to protect Athens from assault by sea in their absence. They ran back when they realised that the Persian cavalry was heading to Athens on ships. They ran the 26 miles, arriving just as the Persian cavalry was disembarking to take the city. There is a fake story that Pheidippides ran back to tell of the Marathon victory. He was already dead, dying from exhaustion after running to Sparta to summon them to held repel the Persian invasion.

Who made the marathon?

The name Marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. The legend states that he was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon (in which he had just fought),which took place in August or September, 490 BC.It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the assembly, exclaiming "Νενικήκαμεν" (Nenikékamen, 'We have won.') before collapsing and dying