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Q: When did perry dietz play for the Detroit Lions?
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What do lions play?

football Detroit

What is the lions football state?

The Detroit Lions play in the State of Michigan.

Did Tony Romo play for the Detroit Lions?


In what stadium do the Lions play?

Ford Field is the home stadium of the Detroit Lions.Detroit is in Michigan.

What city does the Detroit lions play for?

Well, seeing as they're the Detroit Lions, it's probably safe to say it's not Sandusky, Ohio. Let's try Detroit, which is probably why they're called the Detroit Lions.

Who did Calvin Johnson play for in 2007?

Detroit Lions

When did the Detroit Lions last play in the postseason?


Who does donte culpepper play for?

Detroit Lions (2009)

Did Reggie Holmes play for Detroit Lions?

Yes he did

What sport does Matt Stafford play?

Matthew Stafford plays for the Detroit Lions.

What teames did Barry Sanders play for?

Barry Sanders was drafted in 1989 by the Detroit Lions and announced his retirement in 1999.

What position does Tahir Whitehead play?

Tahir Whitehead plays for the Detroit Lions.