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Q: When did nsw win there last nrl state of origin series?
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What is the difference between state of origin rules and NRL rules?

None. But referees enforce them less in State of Origin in order to make the game flow.

When did NRL Rugby League - series - happen?

NRL Rugby League - series - happened in 2003.

When was NRL Rugby League - series - created?

NRL Rugby League - series - was created in 2003.

Is Darren lockyer leaving rugby league this year?

Darren lockyer is not leaving the NRL this year but he has retired from the state of origin.

Is the NRL trials broadcasted on the radio?

Yes, jump onto the NRL website, and there is a series of radio stations you can listen from.

What are some good paybacks for girls?

if someone pays you out because your football team loses just say 'your making it sound like i play for the ..........................' it worked for me with the NRL state of origin! hope this works for you's

How many weeks in NRL?

30 weeks; last four are finals

Who did St George play in the NRL last weekend?

So good

Can anyone confirm if the date or venue of State of Origin 2011 Game 1 has changed due to the floods?

No, it hasnt, as there is a game (Broncos vs Cowboys I think) on March 11th (first day of NRL) at Suncorp Stadium

When was the last time south sydney rabbithos won a grand final in the nrl?


Who won the grand final nrl football last year in 2008?

The Manly Sea Eagles

Is there such thing as the NRL?

yes there is such thing as the NRL