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Nicky Butt made his first senior appearance for Manchester United against Oldham Athletic on November 21, 1992, although he didn't make his breakthrough into the first team until the 1994-95 season, making 35 appearances in all competitions.

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Q: When did nicky butt play his first premier league game?
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What football team does Nicky butt play for?

He currently plays for Newcastle, in the Premier League.

Who is the longest serving premier league player?

Ryan Giggs has appeared with Man Utd 525 times in the premier league. Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Sol Campbell, David James, Gary Speed, Ian Pearce have appeared in every Premier League season from the first to the current one.

What 4 players have played in premier league since the start?

Nicky Butt, Sol Campbell, David James, Ryan Giggs

How tall is Nicky Butt?

Nicky Butt is 178 cm.

What is the birth name of Nicky Butt?

Nicky Butt's birth name is Nicholas Butt.

How many former man utd players are now playing in the premier league for other clubs?

They are Phil Neville, Tim Howard, Luis Saha , Nicky Butt.

Who is Nicky Butt?

Nicky Butt (born January 21, 1975 in Gorton) is an English footballer. He was a defensive midfielder who played 269 Premier League games for Manchester United between 1992 and 2004 before moving to Newcastle United. He also had brief spells with Birmingham City and the Hong Kong-based team South China. Butt made 39 international appearances for the full England side between 1997 and 2004.

What is Nicky Butt's birthday?

Nicky Butt was born on January 21, 1975.

When was Nicky Butt born?

Nicky Butt was born on January 21, 1975.

What is the Nationality of Man United Nicky Butt?

The Nationality of Man United's Nicky Butt is England.

How many players that have played for Newcastle United in the premier league have won the champions league?

Alan shearer micky butt Alan smith

Is Nicky Butt a Muslim?

No he is not a muslim.