When did netball started?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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i don't know the exact date but it was sometime in the middle ages i think, it was made as an easy sport that women would be able to do but now it is a lot tougher and more contact

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in the early 1900s

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Q: When did netball started?
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When did netball start in Jamaica?

who develop the game of netball in jamaica

Which Primary was she in when she started playing netball-maria Tutaia?

maria tutaia was in chaucer school when she first started playing netball

Where was netball started?

South Korea

What country is netball from?

Netball started in Ingland 1890 than spread to other countys.

What country was netball first started?

Netball was first startred in England whoooo us yay.

What is an fact about Casey Williams?

Casey Willams started her netball traning when she went to a netball club!!

When did Natalie Von Bertouch start playing netball?

Natalie started playing netball at a very young age. In fact she was nine years old when she started. I just want to know what influenced her to play netball.

How did netball came about?

netball started out because basketball was a mens sport and woman couldn't play because they became sweaty.

What started netball?

Netball is a sport that consists of two teams of seven players. It is derived from basketball and began in the late 1800s in England.

What is Netball's national country?

Netball was started in England in the late 1890's. It's a version of American basketball, netball is mostly played by women. It is played by two teams of seven players.

When netball started what was it like?

Similar to Basketball expect girl style

Where did netball orinate?

If you mean originate, then it started in America, and it was called women's basketball, as women didn't play it then. GO HHS NETBALL TEAMS!!!!