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Q: When did nc state win the basketball championship?
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What team had the worst record and went on to win the NCAA basketball championship?

NC State

Who won the 1984 NCAA basketball championship?

NC State

Who will win the 2013 ncaa basketball championship?

I think Michigan or NC State wins it all next year. Indiana is too overrated.

What ACC men's teams have won the national basketball championship?

North Carolina, Duke, NC State and Maryland.

What is the 2nd lowest seed to ever win a NCAA basketball title?

7th NC State

Has any NC State basketball player ever won an NBA championship?

I know chuck nevitt and chucky brown have won nba championships

What contribution did Michael Jordan have to NC?

He helped them win the ACC Championship

Who won NCAA basetball championship in 1980?

nc state

What is the name of the basketball team of NC state?


Did nc state go undefeated in ncaa basketball?


When did Scott Parzych play basketball at NC State?


Where did the late Jim Valvano attend college and later was the coach of NC State that won the NCAA basketball championship?

Jim Valvano attended Rutgers College. He played the guard position at Rutgers.