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Q: When did nc state win the basketball championship?
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What team had the worst record and went on to win the NCAA basketball championship?

NC State

Who won the 1984 NCAA basketball championship?

NC State

Who will win the 2013 ncaa basketball championship?

I think Michigan or NC State wins it all next year. Indiana is too overrated.

What ACC men's teams have won the national basketball championship?

North Carolina, Duke, NC State and Maryland.

What is the 2nd lowest seed to ever win a NCAA basketball title?

7th NC State

What contribution did Michael Jordan have to NC?

He helped them win the ACC Championship

Has any NC State basketball player ever won an NBA championship?

I know chuck nevitt and chucky brown have won nba championships

What is the name of the basketball team of NC state?


Did nc state go undefeated in ncaa basketball?


Who won NCAA basetball championship in 1980?

nc state

When did Scott Parzych play basketball at NC State?


What was Chucky Brown's jersey number when he played basketball at NC State?


Where did the late Jim Valvano attend college and later was the coach of NC State that won the NCAA basketball championship?

Jim Valvano attended Rutgers College. He played the guard position at Rutgers.

Who sunk the winning basket in the nc state win in 1983?

Lorenzo Charles dunked off a high air ball from 30 ft out from Dereck Whittenburg, winning the game 54-42 for NC state. It was one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history.

1973 nc state Maryland 103-100 basketball game?

the greatest acc basketball game ever played

Who coached David Thompson and Monte Towe in basketball at NC State?

Norm Sloan

Who won the 1983 Men's Basketball tournament and what seed were they?

NC State and a 6 seed .

Who was in the NCAA championship game in 1974?

North Carolina State vs. Marquette. NC State won, 76-64.

What seed was North Carolina State in the 1983 NCAA basketball tournament?

NC State was a #6 seed in 1983.

What day was the 1994 ncaa men's basketball championship?

The 1994 Championship game was played on April 4, 1994 in Charlotte, NC between Duke & Arkansas; where Arkansas prevailed 76-72.

Who is graduating on NC State's 2012 basketball team?

NC State lost three players to graduation after the 2012 season. They are: Alex Johnson, Kendall Smith and C.J. Williams.

Who is the leading scorer in NC State basketball history?

Rodney Monroe, North Carolina State (1988-91): 2551

What was the starting 5 for the 1983 nc state basketball team?

The starting line-upfor the North Carolina Stateteam that won the 1983 NCAA men's basketball championship includedSidney Lowe,DereckWhittenburg,ThurlBailey,Lorenzo Charles, andCozellMcQueen.But it would be remiss to overlook Terry Gannon, who played almost as many minutes as Lorenzo Charles and scored seven points (fourth most for NC State) in the title game.

What was the lowest scoring first half for a UNC v. NC State basketball game?


Has a 6 seed won the Men's NCAA Basketball tournament?

Yes. NC State in 1983 and Kansas in 1988.