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The first marching band to ever march during halftime at a football game was the University of Illinois' Marching Illini. They performed at halftime in 1907 during the University of Illinois' game against the University of Chicago.

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Q: When did marching bands start?
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Music Man is basically about a man who starts bands, (e.g. marching tyupe bands) in small towns. Im pretty sure its supposed to be about how marching bands got their start.

Where can marching bands be found?

Most marching bands are found at high schools or colleges.

What is the saxophone of made and used for?

Military marching bands, concert bands, high school marching bands, and college marching bands use saxophones for their music. It is a flexible-use instrument.

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most high schools have marching bands and a lot of colleges have marching bands

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Marching bands DO play at home football games, and parades.

Do marching bands get rings too?

no, they get silly bands

Where is the trumpet played?

Marching Bands, Orchestras, Big bands, concert bands, Jazz bands, and sometimes but rarely rock bands. Marching Bands, Orchestras, Big bands, concert bands, Jazz bands, and sometimes but rarely rock bands.

What are the top 20 marching bands in the US?

There are many marching bands in the US that march on different competition levels. There are many high school and college marching bands as well as drum corps.

When was Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association created?

Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association was created in 1983.

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I can't speak for all bands, but in the marching band that I was in, we were graded for daily attendance of practices and for shows/parades.

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One of the bands was from manning sc.

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A tuba used in marching bands is called a sousaphone.

What is the collective noun of bands?

The only standard collective noun for a group of bands is 'a Sousa of marching bands'.

Why do the marching band wear feathers?

Marching bands wear feathers to make them look taller.

How many marching bands were in the rose parade?

about 25

Where did snare drums come from?

Marching bands, I think.

The sousaphone is a marching bands adaptation of what instrument?


What are the europas most famous marching bands?


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In concert and marching bands.

What types of ensembles does the flute play in?

Orchestras, wind bands marching bands etc.

In Which musical ensembles would you find in a trumpet?

Concert bands, jazz bands, marching bands, orchestras, some rock bands.