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When Floyd Mayweather jr "retired" after he fought Ricky Hatton, then Manny was promoted to the number one spot.

That was December '07 or Jan '08 when he announced he was retiring.

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Q: When did manny pacquiao become pound for pound boxer?
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Who is the greatest boxer in the world today?

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao of the Philippines is the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in the world today.

Who has the longest term as number 1 pound for pound king?

manny pacquiao

Who was the most well known filipino?

the past great of the Philippines i don't know but present is the international pound for pound king manny pacquiao. his nickname is the packman. he is the best boxer in the world

Who are the worlds famous athletes 2009?

Manny "pacman" Paquiao, a boxer. A pound for pound king. He make the history of 7 titles , in different divitions.

Why is Floyd Mayweather Jr afraid of Manny Pacquiao?

Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao is a fast, brutal fighter. He seals his 8th boxing title and defends his name of being the "pound-for-pound king". Antonio "The Tijuana Tornado" Margarito's problem was he did not defend himself when he knew Manny can take his victory by brutality. Here are the boxing records of Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito: Manny Pacquiao 31 years old 5 ft. 6 1/2 in. Pac-Man Reach: 67 Fights: 57 Wins: 52 Wins by K.O: 38 Losses: 3 Draws: 2 Antonio Margarito 32 years old 5 ft. 11 in. The Tijuana Tornado Reach: 73 Fights: 46 Wins: 38 Wins By KO: 27 Losses: 7 NC (No Contest): 1 Floyd is undefeated, and he is afraid of Pacquiao because he is afraid that he has a great possibility to lose his undefeated record.

How many losses does Manny Pacquiao have?

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao has three losses in his professional boxing career ( two by knockout) and two draws. His first loss was in february 9, 1996 against Rustico Torrecampo at 110 pounds, Pacquiao was kO'd in the third round. His second loss was against Medgoen Singsurat in September 17, 1999 at 113 pounds range. Paquiao was KO'd in the third round again. His most recent loss was in march 19, 2005 against Erik Morales (terrible Morales) at around 129-130 pounds and it was by unanimous decision.

Who did manny pacquiao lost to?

manny pacquiao got his first loss to Rustico Torrecampofrom philippines. he got knocked out on the 3rd round on his 12 PRO fight. pacquiao at that time is only 17 and torrecampo is i think 26 y/o.Pacquiaos second lost is to Medgoen Singsurat of thailand on his 28 PRO fight via 3rd round KOand lost his WBC world flyweight tittle. after that loss, he moved up in weight by skipping 2 divisions from 112 to 122 pound division.Surpricingly, pacquiao won his first fight in 122 and got the vacant WBC international super bantamweight tittle knocking out Reynante Jamili on the second round.He got his 3rd and last loss as of now to Erick MoralesVIA UNANIMOUS decision on his 44th PRO fight. after that devastating loss, pacquiao had a rematch on Morales.Morales got his first kiss on the canvas by the strong left hook from pacquiao. that rematch make way of a trillogy. On that trillogy, Pacquiao knocked Morales down on 3rd round.

What is Sugar Ray Leonard admired for?

Sugar Ray Leonard is considered as the greatest boxer ever for pound to pound boxer.

How was sugar ray rubinson?

Sugar Ray Robinson was a late boxer, he was considered as the greatest boxer ever pound for pound.

How much can Manny Pacquiao bench?

Prior to the Hatton fight, Manny Pacquiao bench pressed the standard bar with three 45 pound plates on each side. That's 315 pounds. He did one full rep, lowered for a second rep, but could not push it back up on his own for the second rep.Fighters weighing 150 pounds who can bench 225 (2 plates on each side) are considered strong for their sizes. Pacquiao, at about 150 "walk around" pounds, benches 90 pounds more. This explains why Pacquiao is so fast and powerful, as speed, and therefore power, is a function of strength-to-weight ratio.A more interestingly, based on the fact that Pacquiao can bench 315 lb, we can extrapolate that he would be able to bench 225 lb approximately 12 times!

Whos the best boxer in the world?

Floyd "Money" Mayweather because he doesn't use steroids.......Manny is good, but he can't last with Mayweather....SORRY!:D - to the one who answered this shut your f*cking as*. You're like Floyd Mayweather hiding in her mothers skirt! hahahaha NO Muhammad Ali has a record of 61 fights and has lost 5 But!!! Geoge Foreman has been in 81 fights and lost 5 so do the math! Hes the best!!!!!!! -No one can't really say who's the best pound for pound boxer, until Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pac settle it in the ring...So we can't really say either one of these boxer are the best...

Where was the boxer Chad Dawson born?

The American boxer named Chad Dawson was born in Hartsville, South Carolina on July 13, 1982. In 2012 he was considered the 10th best boxer on a pound for pound ranking.