When did luton fc start football?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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According to Wikipedia - 11th April 1885.

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Q: When did luton fc start football?
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What football team does Lionel Messi support?

It is Barcelona.

What is the best under 16 to under 12 football team?

st marys fc 2nd luton united 3rd luton old boys

When was luton town fc started?

luton was formed in 1885

When was luton fc found?

Luton Town F.C. was founded on 11th April 1885.

When was luton town fc stared?


Nickname luton town fc?

The hatters.

When was luton fc started?

Luton Town FC was formed on 11 April, 1885, and in 1891 became the first club in southern England to turn professional.

When did luton fc started?

11th April 1885

When did luton town fc started?

11th April 1885

When did luton town start?

Assuming you mean the Football club - the club was founded on 11th April 1885.

What football teams start with the letter f?

fulham, fc twente

What club had the most supporters at the new wembley?

Luton Town FC - in the 2009 Johnstone's Trophy Final against Scunthorpe United Luton Town in which Luton won 3-2 they sold 40,000 tickets through their club ticket office.normally for any other cup final such as FA Cup,League Cup even Champions League Final club allocations are normally only around 25,000.Luton Town FC Also sold nearly 30,000 tickets which could only be purchased through an on-line ticket agency for the 2012 Blue Square Conference play off final against York City which York won 2-1 to gain promotion back to the football league.In both case this goes to prove what a big well supported club Luton Town FC is and shows football exits outside of Man utd,Barcelona,Real Madrid,Chelsea etc etc.