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The first college Lacrosse game was in 1877 (not ncaa yet). The first NCAA sponsored lacrosse tournament was in 1971.

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Q: When did lacrosse become an NCAA sport?
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Will lacrosse ever become an Olympic sport?

lacrosse actually is an olympic sport as of now

Fastest growing sport in the NCAA over the last 5 years?

lacrosse Lax

When was lacrosse first played as a sport?

were do lacrosse the sport come from ? were do lacrosse the sport come from ?

What is a lacrosse game?

Lacrosse is a sport. A lacrosse game is playing the sport.

When was NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship created?

NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship was created in 1971.

How do you become an NCAA lacrosse player?

You play for a high school team, then you go to lacrosse camps. The camps usually have scouts there from NCAA teams. Or just go to a school with one and try out. Hope this helps. :)

Is Lacrosse counted as a sport?

Yes, lacrosse is a sport.

How many division 1 ncaa colleges are there?

120 in football, 330+ in basketball, 61 in lacrosse, it really depends on the sport

Is lacrosse a pro sport?

lacrosse is a pro sport.

Is lacrosse considered a team sport?

Yes, lacrosse is a team sport.

What sport uses a Solid rubber ball 6.3 cm diameter 160 g weight NCAA approved?

Lacrosse ball

Are lacrosse and field hockey major sports?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world after football (soccer) Lacrosse is a popular sport, most popular in North America where lacrosse is Canada's National Summer Sport, It has grown in popularity in the United States, becoming the fastest growing sport at the high school and NCAA levels.

When did lacrosse become the national sport of Canada?

5 past 2 in the afternoon

Is lacrosse Canada's main sport?

Yes lacrosse is Canada's main sport

Who won the NCAA lacrosse championship in 2003?

The 2003 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Champion was Virgiana. They defeated Johns Hopkins 9-7.

Is hockey or Lacrosse Canada's National sport?

Hockey is the national winter sport, and lacrosse is the national summer sport.

How did lacrosse become Canada's national sport?

Although Lacrosse was played by First Nations people in Canada for centuries, it was only declared the national summer sport in 1994, in response to Nelson Riis's move to declare hockey the national winter sport.

Which is a harder sport lacrosse or football?

lacrosse is harder

What sport is Canada national sport?

Lacrosse referred to as simply "hockey", is Canada national sport. A fast paced game, lacrosse is played with a ball and a racquet, called a lacrosse "stick".

What is the fastest growing American sport?

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport if judged by the number of NCAA athletes. NASCAR is the fastest growing sport if judged by the number of television viewers. Golf is the fastest growing sport if judged by the number of players taking up the sport each year.

Where can one find the rules for the sport Lacrosse?

The rules for the sport Lacrosse can be found on many online sites such as US Lacrosse, Dick's Sporting Goods, Wikihow, Laxpower, and Inside Lacrosse.

Is lacrosse a girls or boys sport?

Lacrosse is a boy and girl sport but is played differently for each gender

If NCAA lacrosse has become so popular why aren't more fans drawn to pro lacrosse?

It is just now get used to in the U.S. it would probably get more popular later. i just know it

Did Hopkins lacrosse ever play Boston college lacrosse?

Not likely, Boston College Lacrosse is a MCLA not NCAA like Hopkins

What is the description of a Lacrosse player?

someone who plays the sport of lacrosse