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at the age of 8

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Q: When did jennie finch first start pitching?
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When did Jennie Finch start playing professional softball?

Jennie Finch started playing for the Chicago Bandits in 2005.

What age did Jenny Finch start to play softball?

Jennie started playing softball at the age of five, and started pitching at the age of eight.

Why did jennie finch start playing softball?

because she thought it was fun to play and her brothers played baseball and she saw it was pretty fun so she tried

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Who is the most famous softball player in the world?

According to an article put out by the United States Olympic Committee, "Cat Osterman is the most famous softball player in the world". Supposedly, Cat Osterman is, but Jenny Finch is the best :) it's spelled JENNIE btw oh and Cat Osterman is wayyy better! I really like Jennie Finch and Cat Osterman but I love them both. They rock! If you no any softball players that start with Z please leave a message on my page. It can be Japneese player i dont care! please find some one! For more information on famous softball players, follow the related link below.

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