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Ice Hockey became a professional sport in 1904. The United States formed the first professional league. Canada followed quickly in 1905.

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Q: When did hockey become a professional sport?
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Tom Glavine was drafted for what other professional sport?

hockey hockey

When did athletics become a professional sport?

Athletics is not a professional sport

What year did men's hockey become an olympic sport?

Mens hockey became an olympic sport in 1920

What education or training do you need to become a professional hockey player?

There are no educational requirements for becoming a professional hockey player. However, tons of training goes into becoming a professional hockey player. You likely would have to play hockey your entire life, practicing nearly every day. You have to not only be the best at the sport but have great strength and stamina. You would have to do cross-training to get these skills.

When did field hockey become a sport?

Field hockey in all its forms has fulfilled the definition of a sport for as long as it has been played.

How did roller hockey become a national sport?

It became a national sport because of me.

What professional sport costs the most to run?

Hockey {NHL} is the most expensive sport but it is very intertaining

What sport did Phil Esposito become a superstar in?


When did ice hockey become a major sport?

In 1920

Is hockey a sport?

Yes. Some countries have professional hockey teams. Well, Canadians consider it a sport, and there are a few American teams, but I still think it's nota real sport.

What professional sport does the Yukon play?

judo,ice hockey & basketball

What sport is played by the new jersey devils?

Men's Professional Ice Hockey

When did canoeing become a professional sport?

canoeing, seriously, it may be professional but it is not a sport.

What sport did Phil Esposito become a super star in?


When did ice hockey first become a sport in the US?


When did basketball become a professional sport?


What are three professional sport teams in Canada?

Ottawa Senators - Hockey Toronto Blue Jays - Baseball Montreal Canadians - Hockey

What are the major sport teams in Georgia?

Atlanta Thrashers are a professional Ice Hockey team.

What year did field hockey become an olympic sport?

Field hockey debuted at the 1908 Games in London.

Erik Karlsson is professional athlete in what sport?

Erik Karlsson is a competitor in the sport of professional ice hockey. Karlsson is of Swedish descent. As of June 2013, he is signed to the Ottawa Senators.

Why did basketball become a professional sport?

The same reason why any other sport became a professional sport: because people became very talented at it.

When did skateboarding become a professional sport?

=Skateboarding became a professional sport in the late 1960's==Hope this helps you =p=

When did hockey become an Olympic sport?

Field hockey debuted at the 1908 Games in London and ice hockey debuted at the 1920 Games in Antwerp.

Is hockey a team sport?

Yes, you play hockey as a team. Hockey has some of the best team fights in any professional sport! The best number of players on a team would be 15 so therefore, you will have some substitutes.

Is ice hockey the 3rd most popular sport in the world?

professional gaming and fapping are ahead