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Nobody really knows for sure when gymnastics first came around.

ALAINA: i know they had gymnastics in Egyptian times!

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Q: When did gymnastics come around?
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Where gymnastics come from?


Where does the equipment for gymnastics come from?

Equipment for gymnastics comes from gymnova or smithanderson.

How did gymnastics come to be?

Because it just did.

Were did the word gymnastics come from?

Gymnastics came from the greek word "Gymnos" which means naked

What channel does gymnastics come on?

It's always on Universal Sports. Sometimes gymnastics is on NBC as well.

Are gymnastics a tea sport or a indiviual?

gymnastics come from a women when they are bored in the kitchen where they are supposed to be and they dance on the furniture

When did gymnastics come about?

gymnastics was in the first Olympics with the Greeks! back then it was also most of the other sports they did too like running. all of them were catagorized into gymnastics!

How long has gymnastics been around?

Gymnastics has been around for over 2000 years a little more than a 100 years old.

What country did gymnastics come from?

because the pruyminastar said to have a game

What are some examples of floor routines in gymnastics?

go to and surch gymnastics/ floor. plenty will come up. if you are looking for a certain level then type in gymnastics/ floor/ level ___.

How much money do you need to get into gymnastics?

around $150

Were did gymnastics start?

Greece in around 776 b.c.

If you are around 14 can you still try out gymnastics?


Where can you be in gymnastics?

It depends, most areas have gymnastics centers around but you would have to look up a map of where you live and see.

What year did the rule for a sixteen year minimum for women's gymnastics come into affect?

The International Federation of Gymnastics passed that rule in 1992.

Why did Gymnastics come to Canada?

Because they wanted to have funn like us

Who won the womens gymnastics over all winner?

Gabby Douglas won the all around title for womens gymnastics.

Is nastia lukin the all around olmpian in gymnastics?


How do you get an gold medal in Gymnastics?

get 1st place all around

What events are in womens all around gymnastics?

The 4 main events in womens all around gymnastics are 1. Floor 2. Vault 3. Bars 4. Beam

When did Larisa Semyonovna Latynina start gymnastics What age?

She was a ballerina before starting gymnastics somewhere around 1953 at age 18.

What are the release dates for USA Gymnastics Behind the Team - 2007 Come Together 1-15?

USA Gymnastics Behind the Team - 2007 Come Together 1-15 was released on: USA: 2008

Do you have gymnastics?

You dont have gymnastics, you do gymnastics!

Where did the cartwheel come from?

a cartwheel came from the envintor of gymnastics....I HOPE THIS HELPED U.

What is the most challenging skill in gymnastics?

There is no most challenging skill in gymnastics. In gymnastics, you can always do a harder skill. For example, you could always twist more times around or flip more times.