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In 2004 after a match agains Brock Lesnar after which they both left the WWE.

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Q: When did goldberg retire?
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Why did goldberg retire?

He did not retire, his contract expired and he didn't renew it

How did goldberg retire?

Goldberg had his last match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX (2004) in which he won and Stone Cold was the special guest refree... he wanted to start an MMA career later on but then he chose to fully retire from any physical occupation

What year did Bill Goldberg retire?

In 2004 after his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX.

When did Whoopi Goldberg retire?

She didn't. She's still acting, & as of June 2015, she's the co-host of The View.

Why did WWE's Goldberg retire?

Goldberg was one of WWE's top wrestlers and a fan favourite. He was not happy with the way his character was being projected in the WWE. Also, he was not very happy about WWE programming becoming "PG". He felt that the contents were not suitable for young children who watched the show. So, he left the WWE.

What nicknames did Jakub Goldberg go by?

Jakub Goldberg went by Kuba Goldberg.

Why are Rube Goldberg machines called Rube Goldberg machines?

Rube Goldberg machines are named after a cartoonist, Rube Goldberg, who drew them in his cartoons.

What is the birth name of Arthur Goldberg?

Arthur Goldberg's birth name is Arthur Joseph Goldberg.

What is the birth name of Bernard Goldberg?

Bernard Goldberg's birth name is Bernard Richard Goldberg.

What is the birth name of Hailey Goldberg?

Hailey Goldberg's birth name is Hailey Pustulio Goldberg.

Were Bach's Goldberg Variations named for Whoopi Goldberg?

No! They were named for German musician Johann Gottlieb Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg was born way after Bach died.

What is the birth name of Sarah Danielle Goldberg?

Sarah Danielle Goldberg's birth name is Sarah Goldberg.

What is the real name of Goldberg?

Bill Goldberg

Who is beter goldberg or cena?

Goldberg is Better

When will goldberg return?

There is no news about Goldberg return to the wwe.

How tall is Jake Goldberg?

Jake Goldberg is 5'10

Why is goldberg not in svr 2011?


How tall is Sas Goldberg?

Sas Goldberg is 5'.

Who influenced whoopi goldberg and how?

Whoopi Goldberg was influenced by someone who is unknown

Is Bill Goldberg Jewish or Christian?

Bill Goldberg (the wrestler) is Jewish.

What is Bill Goldberg's real name?

Bill Goldberg's real name is William Scott " Bill " Goldberg.

What is a rube goldberg machine?

A rube goldberg is a complicated device to accomplish a simple task.Rube Goldberg was actually a cartoonist who drew these machines.

How old is KCLA Kaj Goldberg?

Kaj Goldberg is 43. Born in May 1967.

Who is Goldberg in WWE?

Goldberg was a professional wrestler, currently retired.

What is whoopi goldberg daughter's name?

it is actually Alexandrea Goldberg